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Amie V
Lovely Little Luxury

This candle is the most beautiful scent. I get affected and irritated by artificial fragrance, but the scent blend in this candle gives it the most incredible natural fragrance that fills the space magically, it is such a lovely little luxury!

Nia B
Great Luxury Candle With Very Good Burn Time And Worth Every Penny

I particularly like paying a little bit extra, once in a while, on a candle like this as the quality of the scent really fills my home throughout. The fragrance blend in the candle reminds me of spa days and also make me feel more calm when working from home. Another reason to buy this candle even if you may feel like you’re spending a little extra is because the burn time is very good and the entire candle burns evenly when burned properly; this is a huge thumbs up, from me.

Home Fragrance

Our Home Candles and Fragrances transports your living space into luxury destination

Vegan Friendly and Non- Toxic

Formulated with our proprietary blend of naturally derived ingredients. This is a clean, exquisitely crafted candles and home fragrance collection that is vegan-friendly and non-toxic.

  • Product Info

    Indulge In An Unforgettable Escape

    Picture yourself in a luxurious hotel, surrounded by the most exquisite aromas you've ever encountered. Imagine the perfect blend of velvety lavender, crisp red rose, and herby geranium, all combined with sweet peach, citrusy orange, and lemony eucalyptus for a scent that feels truly elevated and fresh. For a moment of absolute bliss, LE HOTEL Candle is here. Our exquisitely crafted candle and home fragrance is more than just a scent - it's an experience. Using only the finest, vegan-friendly, non-toxic ingredients, this exquisite candle is designed to fill your home with a scent reminiscent of a luxurious spa or hotel room. And with an impressive 40-50 hours of burn time, LE HOTEL candle is the perfect way to relax and de-stress for an unforgettable escape

    Here's Why You'll Love This


    ✔ Clean & Vegan-Friendly: This exquisitely crafted candle is clean, vegan-friendly, and non-toxic 

    ✔ Long-lasting: Enjoy 40-50 hours of burn time with this beautiful and luxurious candle

    ✔ Refreshing: Indulge in the fresh and elevated scents of lavender, red rose, geranium, eucalyptus, lemon, orange, and peach with a hint of pine

    ✔ Hand-Poured in LA: Each candle is carefully hand-poured in the heart of Los Angeles

    ✔ Non-Toxic: Non-toxic and chemical-free, so you can enjoy the scent with peace of mind


  • Wax:

    Coconut/soy blend

  • Wick:


  • Burn Time:

    40-50 hours

  • Notes:

    Peach, red rose, pine

  • Feels:

    Elevated and fresh

  • Top:

    Lavender, red rose, geranium

  • Heart:

    Eucalyptus, lemon, orange

  • Base:

    Peach, fresh pine