What is Clean Fragrance and Beauty?

Clean Fine Fragrances are a combination of essential oils, isolates, absolutes and resins from plants and flowers, and clean synthetics that we then blend into our proprietary fragrance oil compositions. Clean Fragrance excludes nasty, harmful chemicals and fillers that lurk in conventional perfume


What is Eau de Parfum? 

Historically genderless, used to describe both men and women fragrances. Eau de Parfum has a higher concentration of parfum oil which results in a longer lasting and more aromatic application. The high percentage of fragrance oils and minimal alcohol is plus for people with sensitive skin.  If you choose Eau de Parfum, you choose a fragrance that is a bit more intense, luxurious, and fuller. Derived from pure perfume, Eau de Parfum’s formula is more concentrated with 15 to 20% pure essence. It lasts up to 4 to 5 hours. Our Eau de Parfum contains 20% perfume oil.

Can I make my scent last longer? 

Although a little Eau de Parfum goes a long way. We recommend applying a little bit in the morning, then carrying 10ml Traveler with you and applying more later in the day if you can’t detect the scent anymore (versus putting on way too much during your initial spritz). Another tip: Apply Perfumed Body Lotion on the areas where you spray it to it helps to trap the scent onto your skin

How do I perform scent & parfum layering?  

The first step to improving the longevity of your fragrance is to layer your scent! Much like you would when it comes to layering your favorite wardrobe items, the same rule applies to your Eau de Parfum. Fragrance will always last longer on skin that is hydrated so anything you can do prior to fragrance application will greatly improve the longevity of your fragrance. Those with hydrated skin benefit from longer fragrance application than those who have a less hydrated skin type.

How should I apply my fragrance? 

There are many ways to apply parfum. Focus on your wrists, neck, chest, behind the knees, behind your ears and inner elbows. You can even spray some in your hair (but only on freshly washed hair and from a distance as to not dry it out.). It’s also important to spray, dab or swipe the product. Don’t rub your wrist together as it can crush the scent and break down the oils. Try avoiding spraying it on your clothes, jewelry or attempting the “walking through” method, because you’ll waste more than you use. (BEWARE: of light or fragile fabrics).

How do I choose the right fragrance?

A couple of questions to ask:

  • How long do you want the fragrance to last on your skin?
  • Do you want people to notice you when you walk into a room, or do you prefer a more subtle air?

To choose the right fragrance, you’ll need to consider how long you want your scent to last, your budget, and the environment you’ll be in. For example, if you prefer a daytime fragrance or work in strict office setting.  

Is Octavia Morgan Los Angeles cruelty-free?

Octavia Morgan Los Angeles loves animals! We do not test on animals at any point within our supply chain or pay for another company to conduct testing. OCTAVIA MORGAN Los Angeles does not sell or do business in countries that have animal testing policies.