OCTAVIA MORGAN Los Angeles is a Genderless Clean Fine Fragrance and Beauty brand based in Los Angeles, CA. We source, curate and create our  fragrances, beauty, and home goods with the intention and purpose of “Incorporating Nature Into Everyday.” Our parfums, beauty products, and home fragrances each have a unique signature blend designed for a one- of -a -kind sensory experience



Octavia's love affair with fragrance began at the tender age of 5, her first foray into this enchanting world marked by the delightful scent of Tea Rose by Perfumer's Workshop. Her earliest memories were filled with the intoxicating aromas of the women in her life who always seemed to carry an aura of elegance and grace. Octavia's cherished grandmother, in particular, would impart invaluable wisdom, reminding her that "a woman is never fully dressed until she sprays her fragrance." It was a sentiment that Octavia held close to her heart.

However, as fate would have it, Octavia's profound connection with fragrances took an unexpected turn when she developed sensitivity to mass-produced scents. To say that she was heartbroken would be a profound understatement. The scents that had once been a source of comfort and empowerment were now a source of discomfort and distress.

In her quest to find a clean or natural alternative that would align with her newfound sensitivities, Octavia encountered a frustrating lack of uniqueness, longevity, and complexity in available scent options. Her desire was simple yet profound: to discover a clean fragrance that possessed the same depth, projection, sillage, and lasting power as her beloved mass-produced scents.

This frustration kindled a curiosity, bordering on obsession, to understand the intricacies of fragrance notes, formulations, and perfumery. Octavia embarked on a journey of research, study, and education, drawing upon her scientific background as a Registered Nurse. Her inspiration was deeply rooted in the wisdom her beloved grandmother had passed down, instilling in her an appreciation for the art of working with botanicals and plant oils.

When the time came to name her brand, Octavia felt a deep sense of duty to pay homage to the woman who had nurtured and inspired her throughout her life, and thus, she chose to incorporate the MORGAN family name. This choice was a testament to the values and traditions that had been woven into the fabric of her being.

What truly sets our brand apart is that Octavia is not merely the founder but also the perfumer behind our line of clean fragrances. Her journey is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Today, Octavia Morgan is on a mission to bring to the world sophisticated clean fine fragrances and beauty products that not only smell extraordinary but are safe for the bodies and homes of people everywhere. This mission is underpinned by a profound commitment to honoring and preserving the environment, ensuring that the legacy passed down from her grandmother lives on, and that the essence of elegance and fragrance endures.