10ml SUMMER FLEUR Eau de Parfum Traveler

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Yen Motyka
Summer Fleur is an amazing scent, perfect to ward off mean winter blues!

It perfectly captures the beautiful scents of summer that I will enjoy all winter long. The package was a joy to open also. Its fragile contents were wrapped carefully and cushioned for the utmost of safety in transit. I could not be happier. Thank you!

Robin Lott

10ml SUMMER FLEUR Eau de Parfum Traveler

Jenny M
Love! Love ! Loves all the scents!

Loves all the scents!

Naila C
You Can Never Get Enough

Summer Fluer was my first fragrance. The smell is so light and polite but breathtaking at the same time. You can never get enough!! Now I have everything she makes. The lotion is sexy as well as the 🕯
When I go on a date....It’s my secret will find yourself on the menu. I’m a fan ‼️💯💯
Thank you Octavia Morgan

  • Product Info


    An irresistible scent for an unforgettable summer

    Picture a hot summer day. You're enjoying a crisp, refreshing breeze as you step out onto a balcony overlooking a sun-dappled garden. Your senses are alive with the sweet, uplifting aroma of SUMMER FLEUR Eau de Parfum. Perfect for both men and women, this intoxicating scent captures the essence of summer, blending together notes of grapefruit, gardenia, jasmine, cedarwood, sandalwood, and vanilla to create a sophisticated, yet light and airy fragrance. With its bright and uplifting scent, SUMMER FLEUR invites you to bask in the pleasures of summer and make every moment unforgettable. Experience the power of SUMMER FLEUR—an irresistible scent for an unforgettable summer.


    Here's Why You'll Love This


    ✔ Versatility For Everyone: No matter your gender or lifestyle, the SUMMER FLEUR Eau de parfum is perfect for you. Its balance of fresh fruit and floral notes makes it the ideal fragrance for any situation.

    ✔ Unforgettable Memories: Whether you're on an adventure or having a romantic night out, let our SUMMER FLEUR Eau de parfum be your closest companion. Its luscious scent will create memories that last a lifetime.

    ✔ Long-lasting Fragrance: Enjoy an exquisite scent all day long, which won't fade away too quickly - a touch of SUMMER FLEUR Eau de parfum goes a long, long way.

    ✔ A Unique Identity: Allow the richness of our SUMMER FLEUR Eau de parfum to make you stand out in a crowd and express your unique identity. Show off your style and let the scent speak for itself.

    ✔ Non-toxic and Vegan-Friendly - Created with our proprietary blend of non-toxic ingredients, this fragrance is ideal for those looking for an invigorating, vegan-friendly scent.


  • Notes:

    Grapefruit, Gardenia, Jasmine

  • Feels:


  • Top:

    Grapefruit, White Lily

  • Heart:

    Gardenia, Jasmine, Cedarwood

  • Base:

    Sandalwood, Vanilla

  • Ingredients:

    Alcohol, Triethyl Citrate, Ester of Citrus Fruits, Citrus Paradisi:Grapefruit essential Oil, Lilium Candidum:White Lily Essential Oil, Gardenia jasminoides:Gardenia Oil, Benzyl Salicylate: Jasmine Isolate, Cedrus Deodara:Cedar Wood Oil, Fusanus Spicatus:Sandalwood Oil, Vanillin:Vanilla Note/ Isolate

Fragrances for Everyone

We believe that everyone deserves to find a scent that makes them feel confident.  Our fragrances are gender-neutral and made for everyone.

Vegan Friendly & Non-Toxic Formulated with our proprietary blend ingredients. This is a clean, exquisitely crafted parfum that is vegan-friendly and non-toxic.