1.7oz CIEL Eau de Parfum

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Victoria Cheng
CIEL is my fall scent!!

Stumbled upon this brand at Melrose Trading Post and it was love at first smell for CIEL so I had to buy the travel and full size! Highly recommend ❤️

  • Product Info

    Feel the Mystical Magic of Carmel By The Sea

    CIEL Eau de Parfum is an ode to the beauty of Carmel By The Sea, where beautiful forests and shoreline of California's coast intersect under a beautiful blue sky. Its notes of oak moss, cedar wood and sheer bergamot are blended together to create an aroma that is both earthy, warm and aquatic. 


    Here's Why You'll Love This

    ✔ Refreshing Aroma: An uplifting blend of oak moss, cedar wood, and sheer bergamot creates a refreshing and invigorating aroma – perfect for day or night

    ✔ Earthy & Warm: Rich spices, amber, and musk combine to create an earthy and warm base note, creating a deeply satisfying fragrance that is perfect for any occasion

    ✔ Unisex Scent: CIEL is designed to be a unisex scent, allowing everyone to enjoy its mysterious allure

    ✔ Long-Lasting: A versatile, long-lasting fragrance that works just as well during the day as it does in the evening

    ✔ Imaginary Scene: Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a place where the ocean meets the forest – the exquisite fragrance of CIEL will transport you there


  • Notes:

    Oak Moss, Cedar Wood, Sheer Bergamot

  • Feels:


  • Top:

    Oak Moss, Cedar Wood

  • Heart:

    Sheer Bergamot, Lemon

  • Base:

    Rich Spices, Amber, Musk

  • Ingredients:

    Oak Moss, Cedar Wood, Sheer Bergamot, Lemon Oil, Amber, Musk, Spices

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Vegan Friendly & Non-Toxic Formulated with our proprietary blend ingredients. This is a clean, exquisitely crafted parfum that is vegan-friendly and non-toxic.